Saturday, September 30, 2017 on the 2900 block of Devine Street

PeanutBoilSponsorEmail170504 400The Palmetto Peanut Boil held each year in September in Columbia, SC, to raise money for local charities. Look for announcements in July and August.

PROCEDES: All proceeds benefit



Since the Palmetto Peanut Boil began in 2007, attendance has grown to over 2,200 attendees. The Peanut Boil Competition highlights the best of the best of South Carolina’s boiled peanuts. Over 25 different teams will be competing for the championship title. In addition to the peanut boil competition, there are other activities that make it a family-filled fun day! This year’s feature band is the Whiskey Tango Revue who will be one of a number of bands at this year’s event. Pets are welcome!


The Animal Mission provides free or low-cost spay/neuter vouchers to all citizens in the City of Columbia and Richland County. Spay/ Neuter not only prevents thousands of pets from entering and being euthanized in our local shelters each year, there are also a host of other benefits. The Animal Mission’s goal is to decrease the number of pets that must be euthanized so that one day the Midlands will become a pet safe (no-kill) community.


This event would not be possible without our sponsors. There are many opportunities for your business to not only be a part of giving back to the community that supports them but also a great way to advertise your business. See below the different sponsorship levels and what you can do to support The Animal Mission in making the Midlands a pet safe (no-kill) community of South Carolina.

Want to help?

Use the button below to contribute via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account) or mail a check to Palmetto Peanut Boil, c/o Animal Mission, 27 Humane Lane, Columbia, SC 29209. 



About the Palmetto Peanut Boil

One sunny fall day in 2008, friends Jim Mishoe and Brent Davis were boiling peanuts and got into a heated discussion on the best way to enjoy the southern delicacy. From the type of peanut used, to the method of cooking, and the ingredients used for flavor, the two did not see eye to eye - so they decided to create a little friendly competition to see just who had the best recipe. Some of their friends joined in, and the Palmetto Peanut Boil was created. Once word got out, Mishoe and Davis realized that the popularity of this salty snack could be used to make a real difference in their community. Mishoe's nephew, Nathan Miller, passed away at 42 days old and during his short life, Ronald McDonald House Charities® provided his family a "home-away- from-home". To honor Nathan's memory and support Ronald McDonald House Charities(r), Mishoe and Davis decided to make the Palmetto Peanut Boil an annual event. When Davis passed away in a car accident in 2010, Mishoe and friends bound together, continued the tradition and over the course of the next five years, the Boil raised more than $25,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities®. In 2015, the Boil expanded its horizons and partnered with The Animal Mission, a charitable non-profit which improves the safety and quality of life for Midlands' animals. The Animal Mission offers free spay/neuter vouchers to all citizens in the City of Columbia and Richland County as well as adoptions which has reduced animal intake at the Columbia Animal Shelter by over 5,000 animals in the past 5 years. In 2008, Mishoe and Davis had an idea which is now a hallmark of the Midlands Community. The Palmetto Peanut Boil is a family-friendly, service oriented, famously hot competition which has produced never before tasted recipes showcasing South Carolina's official and most beloved snack - and raised thousands for charities with close-ties to the founders' hearts. The funds raised for The Animal Mission and Ronald McDonald House Charities(r) make an impact you can directly see in our community. Through these organizations, Nathan Miller and Brent Davis's legacies continue to live and serve.

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